Start a Covid19 Assessment with Rocket Health

Start a Covid19 Assessment with Rocket Health

Start a Covid19 Assessment with Rocket Health, Africa’s premier digital health company has collaborated with global health company Ada Health,  the company behind the AI-powered Ada symptom assessment platform to launch a new COVID-19 assessment and screener which will help the general public to assess their symptoms, receive guidance on the next steps and stay informed on how to manage their health during this period.

Launching the screener on the Rocket Health e-shop-, the Rocket Health Managing Director Dr. Davis Musinguzi applauded the collaboration with Ada Health, explaining that the new solution has been availed on the Rocket Health e-shop as a web app that can be accessed at no cost and is aimed at supporting Rocket Health’s ongoing COVID-19 efforts.

Start a Covid19 Assessment with Rocket Health
Start a Covid19 Assessment with Rocket Health

The new solution will enable individuals to – Start a Covid19 Assessment with Rocket Health

Assess their symptoms: Users can understand their risk of having COVID-19 based on an assessment of their symptoms and risks, as well as their exposure risk.

Receive guidance on next steps: The solution provides personalized guidance on what to do next, based on an individual’s symptoms and risk of suffering a more serious form of COVID-19

Stay informed and manage their health: Users receive advice on self-monitoring at home, and access to the latest global COVID-19 information.

Dr. Claire Novorol, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at Ada Health, said: “COVID-19 is a serious and rapidly-evolving healthcare challenge. At Ada, we believe that digital health solutions can support by providing actionable guidance to individuals and helping to reduce the burden on frontline services.”

Currently available in English, the  COVID-19 assessment and screener combines the latest medical knowledge with best-in-class guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO) to provide a comprehensive, rapidly deployable solution that will serve the needs of millions worldwide.

If you or someone close is feeling unwell, use the COVID-19 assessment and screener to check your symptoms and find out what to do next.

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