Delivering Personalised Healthcare Services Through Digital Solutions.

Access prepaid healthcare using the Health Wallet

The Health Wallet allows you to deposit money today which can be used by yourself or authorised beneficiaries to access Rocket Health services in the future, without paying out-of-pocket. Dial *280*6# to open a Health Wallet today.
Rocket Health Wallet
Rocket Health Online Doctor Consultation

Consult a Doctor

Talking to a doctor has never been easier and more affordable. Get personalized, premium care when you speak to our licensed and experienced Medical Doctors. The call-centre is open 24/7 and you can consult in English and several local languages through chats, voice and video calls. Dial *280*1# to consult with a doctor.

Request Lab Tests

Clients can now have their laboratory samples collected at their own convenience, and their results delivered to them electronically without having to go to a laboratory. This delivered by well trained and qualified medical professionals who make sure the samples are properly obtained and safely handled for an accurate result. Payments for this service can be made conveniently in cash, mobile money, subscription, debit & credit cards. Dial *280*2# to request for a lab test
Rocket Health Mobile laboratory in Uganda
Rocket Health Online Pharmacy Delivery

Order from the Pharmacy

Our well stocked pharmacy with top quality and original brands allows us to deliver medicine to our clients at their convenience. Whether it is a one-time need or a regular refill, this is a solution that guarantees timely access to medicines. Payments for this service can be made conveniently in cash, mobile money, subscription, debit & credit cards. Order from the pharmacy by dialing *280*3# today.

Order a Vaccine

If you, or your child or anyone at your home needs vaccination, all you have to do is call and schedule an appointment with us. Our skilled nurses administer vaccines at the clinic or in the comfort of your home. Call 0800277015 or dial *280# to schedule.
vaccine at the medical concierge group
May 2021 is Mental Health Awareness Month

Schedule a Clinic Appointment

Reduce your waiting time and access best-in-class care whenever you visit the Rocket Health Clinic. Call 0800277015 or dial *280*4# to schedule a clinic appointment.