Press Release: Partnership Between The Medical Concierge Group & UAP Old Mutual Insurance Uganda to Roll Out Telemedicine For Medical Insurance Members

Partnership Between The Medical Concierge Group & UAP Old Mutual Insurance Uganda

Press Release: Partnership Between The Medical Concierge Group & UAP Old Mutual Insurance Uganda to Roll Out Telemedicine For Medical Insurance Members

The Medical Concierge Group (TMCG), a leading digital health company in Africa, through its direct-to-consumer service called Rocket Health, has today announced a partnership with UAP Old Mutual Insurance Uganda Ltd (UAPOM).

This is aimed at extending telemedicine services to its medical insurance members in a move to improve the accessibility, convenience, and quality of healthcare provided to members.

Through this partnership, Rocket Health’s team of licensed medical professionals will monitor and coordinate the healthcare needs of a select group of clients under UAPOM medical insurance scheme through convenient and time-saving services remotely. Using their mobile phones, members will have access to services like;

  • Appropriate prevention and curative healthcare information
  • Prevention and management of complications that may arise
  • Periodic follow up to gauge the progress of their treatment
  • Effective counseling aimed at ensuring a positive attitude towards the care of their condition and management of their medication

Also, anything related to their condition to ensure the best quality of care. Expectant mothers undergoing antenatal care will also receive regular follow up to ensure a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.

Announcing the partnership, Dr. Davis Musinguzi, the Managing Director at The Medical Concierge Group said, “We have combined our diverse expertise in telemedicine solutions for patients in Africa to bring you the advantage of unlimited and affordable access to medical services at your convenience.”

Dr. Musinguzi further added “We know that many patients visit medical providers repeatedly to seek another opinion regarding their health condition. In the long run, they use up their insurance cover doing the same tests or getting the same medication again and again.

With Rocket Health, we ensure the standard of care is provided throughout an episode of illness to achieve optimal utilization of their insurance cover,” he said.

Mr. Stephen Chikovore, the Managing Director of UAP Old Mutual Insurance Uganda Ltd applauded the partnership between them and TMCG and said, “One of our main objectives as one of the leading players in the insurance industry, operating in a tech-driven world, is to leverage on digital technologies to deliver insurance solutions that lead in service and performance so as to enable our customers to sustain and grow their financial well-being.

“Rocket Health is offering a more convenient and appealing user experience to our customers so that they, for instance, don’t have to worry about long hour visits to the medical centers anymore, but instead will now have more time to focus on growing their financial wealth,” he added.

Partnership Between The Medical Concierge Group & UAP
Partnership Between The Medical Concierge Group & UAP

This partnership will provide significant insights to understand the unique healthcare needs of insurance clients informing the design and integration of telemedicine to make health insurance more affordable, personalized, and effective across Africa to achieve Universal Health Care coverage.

About The Medical Concierge Group

The Medical Concierge Group (TMCG) is an African digital health and telemedicine company that connects patients to healthcare providers and services via information and communication technologies.

With experience spanning over 7 years, TMCG designs and delivers innovative digital health solutions that are value-based, efficient, and achieve the best outcomes throughout the healthcare value chain.

TMCG has delivered over 2 million health information messages and primary care teleconsultations across its platforms.

About UAP Old Mutual Insurance Uganda Ltd

UAP Old Mutual Group is a subsidiary of Old Mutual Limited (OML) based in South Africa and operates in 13 markets across the region including Uganda.

We’re an integrated financial services provider in East Africa, leveraging on the strength of our capabilities in local expertise and the global group.

We’re glad to partner with individuals and corporates to provide financial solutions including, General Insurance, Life Insurance, Asset Management, Investment, and Banking.

Contact us: 0800132700 0707700903 UAPOldMutualUg

For further information contact:

Ms. Priscilla Akora
Marketing Manager
The Medical Concierge Group

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