We provide free access to licensed and experienced medical professionals with specialized training to provide a quality medical consultation to everyone. Consultations can be resolved by our agents or they may refer you to a medical facility and/or dispatch an ambulance to your location.

Our Call Centre has can handle over 8000 calls a day. Our agents available 24/7 at no extra cost (other than the tariffs) and are well-versed in several languages. We provide premium solutions to Health-oriented Organisations including any of the following:

You can also interact with our medical team using any of the following social media platforms:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    Pre-recorded menus and voice prompts can guide caller to access information depending on their inquiry.

  • Toll-free Inbound Calls

    Zero-rated service to a given caller requesting information.

  • Toll-free SMS Interaction

    Zero-rated engagement with a target end-user through text using certain keywords.

  • Automated Pre-recorded Outbound Calls

    Automatically rings telephone numbers once answered, the receiver can listen to a recorded message or connect with the call agent.

  • Content Development

    Involves development, review and official recognition of health information in several languages to the target end-users.

The home delivery service allows increased access to medicines whenever and wherever one may be in need.

This service conveniently guides clients on navigating the several alternatives of over-the-counter medicines, scheduling medicine reminders and delivering refills to increase and e-access to essential medicines.

This service is especially designed for patients with longstanding illnesses like Diabetes, Hypertension and mental illnesses that need regular medicine refills as well as additional professional consultation regarding lifestyle modifications to facilitate optimal management.

At TMCG, in partnership with CUMII, we are leveraging the massive growth in the field of Internet of Things to improve the lives of patients with chronic illnesses like Diabetes and Hypertension.

With our internet enabled devices, we are able to monitor patient glucose and blood pressure measurements remotely and provide the necessary support. This can be in the form of reminder medical tips, voice call consultation with our doctors, home visit by our medical team or the data can be shared with your primary doctor.

  • Collect patient vital signs using accredited connected health device.
  • Analyse patient data and alert if abnormalities or no reading detected.
  • Information can be seen by Doctor / Clinic / Family in addition to end-user.
  • Relevant health tips provided.
  • Health records archived for years and can be retrieved for future reference.

Linkage to Appropriate Clinical Services

We appreciate that some of the interactions through our digital platforms may require further physical consultations with medical specialists.

We have a data base of all health facilities; both government and private in the country. We shall link you to the closest health facility to you based on what services you are available.

Do you want to know where to know where to get an X-ray or Ultrasound done? Do you want to know which laboratory you need for your tests? Contact us and we shall provide you with the necessary referral details.

Are you looking for insights into the health sector in Uganda, East Africa or Africa? Are you an entrepreneur looking to invest in health? Are you an academician looking for opportunities for learning, internships or teaching?

We offer health sector programme development, management and evaluation for International agencies, Governments, NGOs, CSOs, Academia and the Private sector. We have an in‐house team of specialists with a focus on health systems strengthening and clinical research. If you require more information on this or any other service we offer, please Contact Us.

Digital Health Architecture

Our in-house team boasts of vibrant leaders in the fields of medical research, health systems strengthening, IT deployment and software development.

We offer services in conceptualizing, design and development of technical architecture for digital health and Health IT platforms. This includes: Mobile health applications, call centres, monitoring platforms for public health programs, patient engagement portals, hospital EMRs among others.